Well, as many of you may well know... we are nigh on the time for it to be the one year anniversary since I, iLIKEtoSAYpoop, first made my account here on ebaumsworm and blessed you all with my glorious presence.  In just a couple hours, my account will officially be one year old. 


So, as the clock is ticking down, I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you some stats and stories that I have accumulated over the past year, just for fun.  So, please forgive any transgressions I have made in the past year, and let us celebrate the coming year in peace.  Without further ado...


iLIKEtoSAYpoop's Personal Stat Sheet ~  October 31, 2008 - October 31, 2009:


User Since:  October 31, 2008

Uploads: 101

Media Watched:  3664

Media Favorited:  2  (I dont even remember favoriting these... wtf?)

Current eREPs:  eNoob - 22,158

Highest eREPs:  eNoob - 22,158

Featured Media:  1  (OMG, yes, its true... I was featured once)

Profile Views:  3,104

Subscribers:  0   :(  - This makes me sad ; ;

Buddies:  34  :D :D :D




Uploads:  101

Uploads Removed by PepperPeanut:  49

Uploads Removed by Ebaum HIMSELF:  14

Average Rating of My Submissions: 1.4/5 Stars



Comments Made:  257

Comments Rated:  1501

Comments Thumbed up:  257

Comments Thumbed down:  1244

Number of Times Commenting Priveleges Suspended for "Poop Spamming":  4



Number of Death Threats Received:  7

Number of Times PepperPeanut has told me to stop my antics:  4

Number of Times Ebaum HIMSELF has told me to stop my antics:  2

Number of people pissed off:  7,152  (estimated)

Number of FFXI references made in blogs:  36

Number of people who UNDERSTOOD those FFXI references:  2


Favorite Memory here at Ebaumsworld:  When I totally pissed off Platypuss and she ended up chewing me out through private messages.  I dont even know what I did, but MAN she was pissed...  and I had the whole blog section getting at me for that too... I was just like "wtf mate?"  Glad that blew over well...


My Most Favorite Person at Ebaumsworld:  I really do hate to answer this question, because really, I have a lot of favorite people here.  But I suppose rules are rules, and I have to pick just one, so here goes.  My favorite person here would have to be The Big Bad, mostly because a lot of the messages he leaves me are just so hysterical to read.  Its also funny to hear him tell me about how he has me figured out here (he's actually convinced Im a moderator, or one of his old friends named "Hekko" or something)  o_0  I dunno.  But hes a cool guy... and a pretty patient and nice one to boot.  My hats off to you, Mr. Big Bad :)

White Chocolate, Frogbob, and Bohank all come at a very close second, and deserve honorable mentions.


My Least Favorite Person at Ebaumsworld:  Well, thats easy....  WALLBOY!  ok ok ok, that was too easy... so to make it more interesting, I'll have to choose my 2nd least favorite person:  Thats gotta be Sindicate.  Seriously, Ive farted better rants than this guy has, and he's always such a dickweed  (and not just because Im a dickweed back to him... I think hes just a dickweed by nature)  Sindicate, you need help.  :/


Goals for my next year at Ebaumsworld:  Well, I'd like to get at least 1 subscriber, and maybe have 2 featured medias next year.  Also, I'd like to expand my horizons, and be more well known among the other people's of Ebaumsworld.  The people over in the blog section obviously know me.  And Im pretty well-liked over in the joke section too.  For the most part, that just leaves the features at the front page.  Im gonna have to make an effort to chat it up with them through comments in the middle of the work day so they can start accepting me as one of their own as well.




So there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  A wonderful close to my first, fantastic year here at Ebaumsworld.  I must say its been quite a ride, hasnt it?  I want to thank each and every one of you for making this place as great or as sucky as it is... whichever you think describes it better, and I look forward to sharing my whole next year with all of you.


*Holds up glass of wine*


Cheers, to the next year of prosperity, in the ebaums kingdom!


With sincere gratitude (even to wallboy and Sindicate),

Yours Truly,


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