j00 Feckin N00bz...

So i've seen countless comments on here people bitching about ads, their placement, etc etc.  I've replied to them each pretty much the same way.


Ads and the internet are a way of life..  Ads pay the bills, so unless were all gonna start chippin in and donating like $10 a month, the site needs ads to stay afloat.


Secondly, are you that much of a fucking retard noob, that you cant 1. download firefox, 2. install AdBlock Plus?  I mean seriously... "Oh, but UCM i have(insert generic name here) pop up blocker" Well the problem with that is most of the ads are embedded in the page or are iframes / lay overs.


With ad block plus, you won't see any of that, no top ads, side ads or video lay over ads, it also works on like all websites so you can browse teh interwebz ad free.. So either get it and enjoy the site ad free... or quit your fucking bitching already.


Go get firefox, go to add-ons or just google ad block plus.



A sneak peak of ad free ebw is  here:


*EDIT*  Once ad block plus is installed, go to tootls > add ons > options (for ABP)

Then click Filters > Add Filter Subscription = select appropriate "easy list" eg. USA, Germany, China, etc

Uploaded 01/15/2010
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