Jackass Influences Youth

You know what pisses me off its stupidity in the media when they promote stupid people stupid behavior stupid trends, thats the stuff you get on tv, especially shows on MTV like Jackass which cause millions of teenagers to break their bones in atempts to look cool and do stunts which werent stunts, how do you call jumping off a roof a stunt?
I mean theres stupidity and promoting it is even worseyou know like youre a celebrity and they tell you here, heres a million dollars, and say on tv that its okay to steal. people would steal and you get paid for saying that, same with MTV. They paid people to promote stupidity and they got so much money from it both MTV and celebritis like Jonny Noxville or Bam Margera, they got their shows and starred in movies but what was the result - teenagers trying to impress pears. Impress pears and record it, you know what happens then, the clips sometimes get here and you can see someone fall off a bike and break their neck, how many spines were broken because MTV wanted money?
Uploaded 07/28/2012
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