Jailbreak is Obsessed with me

Normally lesbians don't bother me but Jailbreak has been obsessing over me for a while now. Sorry honey, I don't lick pussy so please stop asking me about it. It's okay that you feel like you have to stalk me, find out every blog I write, and try to insult me just because I don't want to share your affections. I don't want to be with you. I know you're envious because I'm smarter, friendlier, and I'm better looking (not that you would know seeing how my avatar isn't me because only fucktards take a picture of themselves and put it as their avatar...oh wait) but you have to learn that NO, is NO. If you really want some action, why don't you ask your father? He never minded before, why should he now?


I don't know where you came from or why you felt like you had to personally attack me but 13 year olds don't scare me- unless they are pregnant. In that case I hope the baby rots because it will grow up to be just as stupid as their mother. You ARE pregnant, aren't you? Jesus, help us all. That's one more thing we need in the world. Maybe you should read my LEGAL ABORTION debate and take a few days to consider how you participating could better the world.

Uploaded 07/30/2008
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