Japanese.... um, CULTURE?

I usually smirk when someone says they love the Japanese culture, because people who even call that a culture are either the Japanese cartoon geeks (and it's pointless to even argue with them, because most of them are infantile retards), or obviously uneducated in that manner.

Japan was closed to foreigners for a long time. When the first white person who came to Japan and got the entrance granted named Anjin-san (played by Richard Chamberlain) got the chance to see how the Japanese live, he was shocked at how brutal and barbaric their ways were. They weren't a civilisation that knew much about technology - most of the cool devices they used were borrowed from the Chinese, who they usually bought the silks from. The Japanese didn't invent almost ANYTHING before the 20th century. They dressed the same for centuries, ate the same things for centuries, built their houses with the same methods for centuries. Their lives evolved around fighting and brothels. They were experts in those. 

If you ever played Warriors Orochi, you probably noticed something. You can either play with the Chinese characters from Dynasty Warriors or the Japanese ones from Samurai Warriors. Playing the Koei game you might ask yourself a question - it looks like the warriors are from around the same times - did Ranmaru Mori ever get a chance to meet Lu Bu, for example? Of course not, retard. Lu Bu (as well as other Dynasty Warriors characters) lived around the 4th century in China (yes, FOURTH century), and the samurai warriors are from like 18th century Japan. There's like 1400 years between the events, yet you'd still think they are from the same age. Shit, Japan was behind others, was it?

Basically, everything you treasure in the Japanese culture was stolen either from the Koreans (ninjas, katanas, sushi) or the Chinese (silk kimonos, honor codes, the idea of shougunate) and Americans (cartoons and comic books). Deal with it, weeaboo.

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