Jealousy and Envy - The newest MMORPG.

    For those of you who find no interest in wasting real life span on virtual society, MMORPG is an abbreviation for "Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game".   Basically you start out as a shitty newbie character, that you name, and often personalize.  After you learn how to wander and jump around, you eventually start trying to kick the shit out of things.  Why?  Because that's how you earn money and virtual items that you need in order to get weapons and armor and shit, and those help you to kick the shit out of other, stronger, things, and often even other players.   Once you get good enough to start killing other player's characters, it becomes a competition.  Shit gets serious.   The game company will often offer "boosts" and other incentives to players. All for real money of course.  People actually buy this shit, because their success in this virtual world holds real value to them... for whatever depraved reason. 
    Well, I shouldn't say such bad things.  I've indulged, maybe even over indulged at times.   Like the majority, it was a past time more than anything. A time waster, like watching tv, just a little more involved.Gotta admit, pwning noobs is fun.   And I don't think that there's anything wrong with teaming up with a few online buddies (with good gears) to take on some cheap ass hackers and their noob friends (who obviously only joined the guild so they can get free stuff).   Ok I'm straying off here.  It's just a game, but in every multiplayer online community there's always that handful of people who take shit too far.  No avenue too dirty when it comes to being "the best".    It really defeats the goal, and deprives the title of any virtual dignity and respect.  But they don't care if they ruin the game for everyone - they're level 8 million, and you're not. 

    And don't judge me mother fuckers!  You play too.  Ebaums World is a Medieval Fantasy theme away from being World of Warcraft.  Well it is for the more devoted gamer.  We have multiple point systems, from number of ebones, features, subscribers, to stars, thumbs, views, favs, and comments.   We even have a name for our noobs - the faceless.  (Faceless fucks..!)  Anyone who's been playing longer than a week will know we've had our share of hackers, scammers, and outright cheap fucks.   Trolls and ball lickers who will cheat and suck their ways to virtual success.   Thing is, it works.   When someone hacks your gears, or cheap shots you while you're healing, you take your pride and purity and go after that piece of shit.   When he pwns your ass, your equipment falls to the pixelated ground, and your revivable ghost watches as he snatches it all up.  
    If you don't get it by now, you may never will.  It might be because you're just too wrapped up to be persuaded,  or you're like the majority and you realize.... none of it's real. 
Uploaded 06/03/2013
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