Jerks Like These!

It's jerks like this guy who ruins everything. Mr. David Morrison a space scientist from, of all places NASA, spews his venomous rational and informed position to stall the 2012 conspiracy  theories.

In a calm articulate manner he dispels all thought of a possible galactic collision with the planet Niburu.  Not only that but he says it doesn't even exist. So now all the people who could be duped into buying my intergalactic space shuttles have canceled their orders.

OK, Mr. Big Shot Scientist how does this help the economy? I have forty four D-49's ready for delivery and you piss on my parade? This will ruin my plans to dupe the ignorant masses into buying my  beautiful machines.

Oh, but of course you say, "they are products that make false claims that solve a problem that does not exist." To you dear sir I say, " oh, so you would shut down all companies that sell fake weight loss pills or special diets that never work? Would you then close down all clothing outlets that tell you these jeans will make you popular?

Will then you mandate that all car manufacturers not market their vehicles as chick magnets, penis enhancing or family safe vehicles? I know, lets just not sell any book sold as fiction, on the off chance someone will consider they might one day experience a romantic collision.

Now that you and people like you have, contained, controlled and eliminated the imaginations of higher powers, benevolent beings and heroic idols, lets just put an end to, Jesus, Santa Clause, cartoon figures, sports heroes, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Green Eyed Meanies. Lets put an end to Cinderella, Snow White and those pesky Dwarfs.

You laugh! You arrogant fool as your masters print slips of cartoon paper they pass off as a vehicle of trade, that need bombs to ever so gently convince you of their worth?

While you Mr. Morrison in your position of intellectual understanding and comfort, look down onto the ignorant unwashed with your, so advantaged perch, perhaps once, just in a while take the time to explain all the other bullshit that permeates the stratosphere and beyond, so that the rest of the world does not slip into the pitfalls that are laid at our very doorsteps!

Note: This is not meant to be an attack on Mr. Morrison, for he might be a great person. I simply use his example to illustrate my argument.

Uploaded 11/22/2010
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