Jerry Springer.

 I saw an episode of Jerry Springer today. I normally dont watch those trash shows, however, my friends wanted to watch it, so I had to suffer.

Anyway, there was a guy on there who was a total dork. He looked like a loser who couldnt get laid if he tried. He said he lived in a trailer park and he wanted to hook up with a woman on the show. The girl he was interested in also looked like White Trash. She said she lived in a trailer park as well.

The man was on the stage waiting for this woman to come out and see him. He had flowers in one hand and a huge teddy bear in the other. He just sat there waiting for the woman to come out. Before she came out, he said, he lost his virginity to this girl in a laundry matt on the floor, a couple years ago. The guy must have been in his late 20s or early 30s and he just lost his virginity? What a loser!

The woman came out and gave this guy the bad news. First he got on his knee and gave her the flowers and bear. Then she said, I am not interested in you anymore.

Then her current boyfriend came out and tried to beat up on this guy. Her BF looked like a dork to. Then they started throwing punches. These guys hit each other a few times and did not hurt each other. Now I was laughing, because they could not fight! Most of the people that go on that show, either fight like girls or they just have no fighting skills at all!

I was thinking, Why dont they take a Kung Fu class or something before they come on the show?

Now they just made bigger asses of themselves in front of the whole world on TV, because they cant fight.

What I dont understand about this show is: Why the hell would any one agree to be on it at all in the first place? They should have enough common sense to realize that whoever asked them to be on the show obviously has some pretty bad news for them. Maybe they are cheating on them; they have been dating for Ten years and did not realize that their Girl Friend is really a man or something equally bad. If someone asked me to be on that show, I would just make them tell me the bad news right now, so I did not have to embarrass myself on national TV when they told me their bull shit.

I know there are some pretty stupid people in this world, but how dumb do you have to be to agree to go on that show?

Where is Bill Engvall when you need him? He needs to give everyone that goes on that show one of his signs to advertise how stupid they are!


Uploaded 02/12/2009
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