Jersey Shore

I notice that seeing as how there is no blog about either how amazing and unforgettable the Jersey Shore is OR how horrifying and just down-right brain rotting the Jersey Shore is you all must not watch it.


Except for Ravensong. I'm sure she's not on here tonight because she's busy talking to everyone she knows about how awesome the Situation is.


I can't explain to you how much I hate this show. I hate this show like I hate a dildo in the butt...well...ok I kinda like that but still! I hate it alot!


My family has a house out on seaside. And before two years ago you NEVER saw one of those greased up motherfuckers walking around. Now...they are more prevalent than AIDS in Africa. I want to punt these fuckers in the dick and or vaginas.


I had a show about two weeks ago at Crocodile Rock in Allentown. And guess who happened to be there! The full male cast of....the Jersey Shore! And what's funny is they came in looking like they thought they were "boss" while my band and everyone else in the fucking place made fun of them. They had no idea about any of it so they just kept going around looking like douches.


The other reason I hate this show is just because it exists. Was "The Real World" not enough? No, Mtv decided that they needed yet another reality show to add to their repertoire!  i wish I was there for that meeting.

Ok guys so here's what we're gonna do. You know that shoe "The Real World" which is dying?

Yeah CEO we do, it was the worst idea we ever had. Why does Mtv now hate music boss? We came into business so that we could change the world and let the youth be heard!

*bang* any insolence will not be tolerated! Anyway, that show made us millions but now it's dying. I know! Let's make a show WITH EXACTLY THE SAME SHITTY PREMISE! But this time it'll be in Jersey!

Wow that's amazing! your so awesome sell out CEO!


Fuck him and everyone at Mtv. If I see one more "status update" on facebook about how amazing Jersey Shore is, I will CUT a bitch.


thegodlyone has spoken 


Uploaded 07/30/2010
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