Jesse Ventura

  Jesse Ventura, former pro wrestler and governor, has released a new book.  It's called "American Conspiracies."  In it, Old V cites and fights 14 American conspiracies.  One of which is 9/11.  I haven't read the book myself.  I don't buy books like this.  I wait to see of the local library has one and I might check it out.  This guy, who's been hit in the head numerous times as an actor/wrestler, claims that he knows the truth about what goes on in America.  Like Dangle, he thinks that the government is behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

  By mistake I found a radio channel broadcasting an interview between Ventura and Alex Jones.  During the interview, Ventura made a lot of crazy claims.  One such claim is that the CIA is the biggest drug cartel in the world.  The CIA, according to the former governor, has agents that import drugs.  They also have agents that sell the drugs on the streets.  The money made from the drug trade is then taken back to CIA HQ.  This money is used to fund CIA secret missions.   Sounds crazy as shit right?  This is what Ventura said in a radio interview.  I'm sure that his book is full of the same bat shit crazy ideas like this.

  If you really and truly believe these claims, please state why.  I'm interested in hearing what you have to say. 

Uploaded 03/19/2010
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