Jesus Christ

So im writing this blog about religion because i want my fair share of points for the whole ordeal. Why did god instill in us an urge to do certian things...then get pissed of when we do them? MAJOR design flaw there god. Like...ok lets see...all i want my little creations to do is love me..and not fuck..or drink...or beat their wives or (insert your idea of fun here ) etc. SOOO...i guess the best way to get them not to do these horrible things is make sure they all have an unshakable desire to do so. Why do we look back on ancient civilizations...and say oh...those crazy egyptians...or oh the romans were fucked up! But when we look at the fucking doesnt register to a single one of us...this shit is fucking bananas!...ok so i think the bible has alot of good morals and shit to follow bla bla bla whatever. I think its awesome that they know how not to get stds, and not to touch rotting carcusses..and to get your dirty foreskins chopped off. But the one part of the bible that has any inkling of importance...Genesis...the book where it all started. Who was there to see any of this bullshit happen? Which brings me to the point of this entire blog...

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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