Jesus freaks

So I used to work at Mcdonald's as a cashier in the drive-thru. And one day, a woman came through, looked me dead in the face and said" Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior?" I was dumb founded. I had no idea how to respond. So i did the nice thing and laughed in her face and subsequently walked away.

    What the fuck gives people the right to force their views on you? I was a fifteen year old kid at the time. Who did this woman think she was. I'M FIFTEEN YOU FUCKING TWIT! I JUST FOUND HAIR ON MY FUCKING BALLS! i what I should have said to her. No I didn't just go into puberty at that time but you all get the point. Is there any religion besides that of Christianity that forces their beliefs on you? I've never seen a Muslim come up to me and start beating me with a Qu'ran. in fact, the term jesus freaks only applies to christians. by that I mean there is no allah freak, no buddha freak. Everybody just has their belief and fraternizes with those who share their beliefs. but nooooo not the christians. CONVERT CONVERT CONVERT!. Everyone must be chirstian and if not...well your probably screwed.

    Thank you Adraline for reminding me of this ridiculous dialogue with that crazy woman. Dunno how that blog did it but it did.

thegodlyone has spoken...but not as eloquantly as usual

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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