This Blog is about a Young Man (me) and his best friend, Jethro. Jethro was a collie shepherd mix that looked like a smallish black and tan shepherd with a longish (collie) nose.

Why blog about Jethro? Well because I was sitting here going thru some old photos and there he was "Jethro Diocletian Podunk the third" (I named him as a mockery of the AKC grand champion names) in all his dog mastery  and glory.

I don't think I ever  cared for anything in this world as much as that dog. Our bond started the usual way, someone at Von's supermarket (remember those my west coast friends?) was out front with a box full of puppies and the one with the dumbest looking nose and the most gigantic feet immediately caught my eye and told me that he and I would soon be having some great  adventures!

Well I took him home (still 19 and living with Mom and Dad) and concocted some BS about him running in the street and me almost hitting him and that  I was only doing the right thing by  saving him and bringing him home.

About  5 weeks after getting Jethro he picked up parvo from the dirt in the back yard (that's what the vet told us) and he was given a 50 50 chance. Well for 2 weeks I ate  slept and lived right beside the back door with Jethro right  beside me. Me hurrying him out the door and cleaning up behind him when we didn't make it out the door. Long story short he turned the corner and survived, although I think the sickness stunted him (he never got above 45 - 50 pounds). I was somehow transformed into his personal deity and he would literally howl when I was out of his sight.

You know what? That puppy I  met  at Von's was right, we shared some amazing adventures (there was a period in my twenties when I had the ability to go camping around the country for 2 - 3 months at a time and Jethro was always at my side. Once in Yellowstone he scented a bear while in the vehicle (something they warn dog owners about at the entrance) and lost his friggin mind. I literally had to lay on top of him and drive away from the area to calm him down.

Then came the best/worst news ever, a job I had been pursuing that would allow me to travel and make LOTS of money was offered to me and I had to make a choice. It was the most agonizing thing I had ever done but I decided against Jethro. My sister had recently moved to Rural Georgia and she said she would take him. It  turns out his elder years in Georgia were pretty good and he died happy and content. I flew there for his "Funeral" and kicked myself in  the ass for awhile for taking the job over him.

Is there any point to this blog? No. I just wanted to give Jethro his props and to be honest I had some tears in my eyes typing this.

Here's to You  Jethro, I still miss You bro.


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