Jimmy Carter is a blithering idiot

The man who never met a dictator he didn't like has now outdone himself.  With his statement that Rep. Wilson's shouted "You lie!" to Obama was rooted in racism, the former peanut farmer has-if not gone off the deep end--then gone so far out that he's treading water.

"Racism" is a word that gets overused more than perhaps any other.  The old, literal meaning used to be: the belief in the inherent gentetic superiority of one race over another. Now, it's used for any real or perceived slight (and almost always involving a white person saying something about a black person), most of which have nothing to do with race. Rep. William Jefferson of LA taking bribes and caught with $100K in his freezer? Racism! Mayor Bradley caught doing crack? Racism! OJ might be guilty? Racism!

Wilson was absolutely wrong and should have been censured for his outburst. Those kinds of statements have no place in a legislative session (though quite a few Democrats have used that same forum to make similar statements in the past). He might even be wrong about Obama telling a lie, as Obama would have to KNOW that what he was saying was untrue for it to be a lie. Obama was wrong, as evidenced by the fact that Democratic leadership moved to put language into the bill to preclude coverage for illegals, only after Wilson's statement.

But, I digress.  For Carter to say that Wilson's statement is rooted in racism is akin to him saying that no white politician can criticize a black politician for any reason. There have already been multitudinous examples of those kinds of stories in the MSM (though none of them thought to cover Van Jones or ACORN). That kind of lunacy is expected of raving loons like Michael Moore, but a former president should be able to muster a bit more deceny and exhibit a bit more decorum in public statements.

Carter needs to go away, perhaps to Cuba, N. Korea, or know, those places he admire so much and holds in so much higher esteem than the US. A friend of mine once described him as "a man with a heart as big as the outdoors, but a brain the size of a peanut". I can think of no more apt description of him.

Uploaded 09/16/2009
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