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  so as a few of you know, i was fired from my teaching position about two months ago. I've mostly been sitting on my ass playing video games, until i got tired of my wife bitching at me. It's not hard for me to get a job. it is just really difficult for me to keep a job. i have a tendency to say whats on my mind, even if it means ill get fired.


  well, my dad hooked me up with this sweet gig at a telemarketing firm. i was proud of myself because i lasted two weeks, even though i was doing everything i possibly could to get fired. instead of picking numbers out of the phonebook and trying to sell cheap auto insurance, i played tetris on my iphone all day. i took two hour lunch breaks, and i took naps in the only stall in the men's room.

  you would think it would be those things that would get my fired, but no, i got fired for showing up an hour late. now normally this would seem fair and just, but i was late because i had to rush my wife to the emergency room due to a severe allergic reaction to strawberries. my asshole of a boss deemed this unacceptable.

 this is when i start to get a little peeved. i must have said fuck, and several variants of fuck, a hundred times in under 3 minutes.


 i just sent in my application to work customer service at the dell computer plant adjacent to my town, so hopefully i'll have better luck there.


my name is snuggly and i don't really care enough to approve this message.




oh yeah, and my wife is pregnant :D im pretty excited about that actually.

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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