Joe Lowers rips on Lisa

I just got the DVD of Lisa and my third date.  We saw the Las Vegas Comedy Show with Joe Lowers.  He was riotously funny, but as I said in an earlier blog, he wouldn't stop ripping on my date.  I loaded a couple short clips.  I could load more, but he picked on her so much, it'd be twenty or thirty minutes.  These are two from the first five minutes of the show:





It was a great show.  This was literally his whole act.  He didn't really even tell one joke.  He just rotated around the audience and ripped on people non-stop.  The show ran over 30 minutes long.  He was just on a roll.  Best comedy show I've seen in years.  I got two free tickets for teacher appreciation week.  Best deal ever.


This is the date where I took her out for Pho after the show and it turns out she's not super adventurous about trying new food, doesn't know how to use chopsticks, and her exhusband didn't show her enough new things.


Fuck the troll-wife.  We shared a lot throughout the last 17 years.  I was crazy about her.  I would've done anything for her.  But that person is gone and doesn't exist in the world right now.  I'm enjoying spending time with Lisa now.

Uploaded 06/01/2011
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