John Holdren Family Man and Part Time Santa Claus

So, we have a new science czar!!!!  Hooray another czar is in charge of something we dont need.  Anyway, that is a side note to the real problem.  John Holdren; scholar, author, multiple award winner of distinction, etc  Gee wiz; what a great guy.  Ah no, I beg to differ and here are just a few biased, rightwing radical reasons why:

 John Holdren has advocated forcibly and unknowingly sterilizing entire populations by adding infertility drugs to the water and food supply, but it had to be done without hurting livestock.  Cant have too many cows, but to hell with people.

Making forced abortions legal.  You know like they do in China.  In China, if a woman already has one baby and refuses to abort her next baby, then the government will literally snatch a woman of the street and force her to have an abortion.  Sounds like the Chinese have learned a thing or two from Adolf Hitler.  John, can you say Heil Hitler?

 John Holdren thinks it might be a good idea to have a baby forcibly removed from single moms or teenage moms if the baby is born out of wedlock.  Oh, this would be done by the government of course.  But there is hope; if the single mother can demonstrate to the government she can care for the child, then she should be allowed too.  This of course means the mom would officially have a license to have a baby.  Sounds good Comrade John.

 John Holdren has also suggested men and women involuntarily have birth control devices implanted into their bodies during puberty and then have it temporarily removed if they are given permission by the government to have a baby.  I like your style John.

 John Holdren likes the idea of permanently sterilizing people who the government deems as having too many children or who contribute to the general social deterioration.  Me thinks John probably does not have any children of his own.

 John Holdren would love to see laws passed making it illegal to have more than one child.  Sorry John, I dont think I would arrest anyone breaking that law.

 John Holdren explains that these laws would be enforced by a planetary regime utilizing a global police force.  This planetary regime would have the authority to determine world population levels.  I wonder if I could lateral to the global police force.  I bet I would get a take home car and a pay increase.

 Now, it has been stated that John is being taken out of context and he is just an academic who was musing about ways to improve the world.  Well, Hitler was considered a radical who flunked out of an Austrian art school and his book Mein Kampf was not taken seriously.  WOW!!!!!  It only took six million dead Jews and a world war to convince people that maybe Hitler was serious about his ideology.  I know, I am taking Mr. Holdren out of context and I am cherry picking passages out of his book.  I guess that it one of my many weaknesses that come from being a white Christian conservative who believes in the Constitution, reads the Bible and still cries when he hears the Star Spangled Banner.  Anyway, all of these crazy ideas and more can be found in a book John Holdren co-authored, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment.  Hey John, if you really meant these to be just passing theories and ideas from a bumbling academic, then you should not have had them put into print.

 Oh yeah one more great idea presented by Mr. Holdren; Natural objects such as trees should have standing in a court of law and should be able to sue for the right to not be chopped down.  You know I have Texas Sage bush in my backyard that has been giving me attitude lately.  If I make it look like an accident I could kill it and nobody would ever know.   



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