John McCain is a hero

As long as he can keep the records of his exploits as a POW secret. He can pretend he didnt make those tapes praising the vietnamese and claiming he was targeting schools, temples and orphanages. The tapes that were made to demoralize TRUE american heroes. Broadcast where the soldiers could hear them. The same people who hate Jane Fonda will now vote for, and champion McCain. One thing that should be clear is when the going gets tough McCain will switch sides. He blocked a group who wanted to make public the POW records from Vietnam. This could have been out of shame for his conduct while a prisoner, Or maybe he owed favors to his former hosts in vietnam. In any case to save himself any embarrassment many people, Mothers and fathers of Brave men still go to sleep at night not knowing what happened to their children. That is who your hero truly is like it or not. I realize he is anti-abortion,probably, anti-gayrights,sometimes, so the christian right would back him no matter what, But if you havent given up the ability for abstract thought in exchange for huge rewards in the next life, research this guy and see who he really is.

Uploaded 09/07/2008
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