John McCain--Lying Cheating Dirtbag?

Should  a candidate's personal life enter into a national election debate?  Normally I would say no but then there's John McCain. Here's why:

If a man will lie to his wife, cheat on his life partner, risk his home, endanger the welfare of his children, and BREAK HIS WEDDING VOWS...HE CAN"T BE TRUSTED! 

McCain promised IN FRONT OF GOD to have and to hold his first wife til death did they part.  Then he broke that promise when his first wife gained some weight and was disfigured in an auto accident.  THAT IS DIRT-BAGGERY of the HIGHEST SORT.  What a scum bag...even his children wouldn't talk to him for 20 or so year.

And this is the man from the so-called "family vaues" party??  He cheated!  I've heard bloggers on this very site express sympathy for a fellow blogger when his wife cheated on him.  YOU called her a whore and a slut.  BE CONSISTENT--McCAIN did the same thing.

And for you god-fearing folks--adultery is a SIN!  Its one of the ten commandments!  If you are a jew or a christian you can't condone McCain's reprehensible behavior.  Remember Bill Clinton's oval office BJ?  Let's apply the same standard of judgement used by conservative christians on Clinton to judge McCain.  Anything else would be hypocritical.

PS SORRY BITCHES...McCain CAN'T CLAIM TO BE FOR FAMILY VALUES!!!    He betrayed his family and his faith!  How can John McCain be expected to keep any promise if he broke one with GOD???  How can he be trusted?

Uploaded 09/05/2008
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