JohnnyBax Last One Aboard the Naked Train

Yeah, everybody's doing it.  I'm such a conformist, and a late one at that.  Ellimem says these are gay, and he's probably right.  Oh well, fuck it.  Most of these are true, two are false.


- I'm a classically trained pianist who attend school on a full tuition scholarship.  I performed several of the 24 preludes (G minor, C minor, A major) by Rachmaninoff from memory for my audition.

- I've composed and have published a few contemporary works for chamber ensembles, including string quartets, brass quintets, percussion ensembles, and even tuba quartets.

- I applied to law school, was accepted, then decided at the last minute not to go because I did not want to follow in the footsteps of my father.

- I once played poker with William Hung (She Bangs!) for several hours.

- I once got shit faced with Tony Stewart one night at a bar with two other people.  I had no idea he was a famous NASCAR driver until the end of the night.

- I have had sex or received fellatio in a hotel laundry room, three building roof tops, several cars, at an aquarium, in a campus classroom, in a park, in a church, and in a dressing room at the mall.

- I tackled a fleeing woman.

- I can memorize a deck of playing cards, so that if you show me the first 51 cards in quick succession, I can instantly name the one that's missing.

- My ex-girlfriend fucked a random Cuban guy, and I found out by discovering naked pictures of the guy when I got into her e-mail account.

- I plan to stay single until I'm at least 40.

- At one point, my bowling average was 215.  I have bowled a 300 four times in my life.

- My first cousin, who I've known since birth, is a professional golfer, and has played heads up against Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.


That's all I can think of.  Who started these, anyway?




Uploaded 12/29/2008
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