Ok this has been going on for a while now on xbox live  but some people are modding their xboxs to be able to give other lazy asses 10th prestige for microsoft points whic they sell to make money. So far it hasnt gotten to bad but this is an illegal thing to do online it is just that Microsoft does not care too much because it is not affecting them much at all because the person that has a Jtaged xbox is banned withn a week. I dont get why some bother to boost for a meaningless rank online and then get banned for it withn a week? Some actually think that they are good becuase they have a cool lil symbol next to their name, to me it just makes them sad lil losers that need to get that lil bti of gratification and then beat off with their own tears. I hope that Microsoft will find someone that has a jtaged box and fine them to the full extent to show that it is not worth it  and to prove that a person will be caught. This is not just a blog about xbox hacking but to all hackers in general that ruin  fun online games for the rest of us that play with friends. I dont have a problem with someone hacking for single player  but when they bring it online to win a match or becuase they think it is funny to ruin a good game  then i think that person should be castrated.

Uploaded 02/25/2010
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