Judgemental Christians

The events of Saturday, April 12th compelled me to write something about this mind blowing phenomenon: judgmental Christians. I'll use this event as a stepping stone to the rest of the experiences I've had with this. Someone in my family (I'm not mentioning who) was planning on coming to my home for the first time. Suddenly I was thinking about how the visit would go and started getting really anxious and nervous. I looked around the house with some sort of paranoia schizophrenia looking for anything and everything that the family member coming to my house could see and judge me on. Since I've had the conversation about religion before with this person and found out brainwashing is a strong thing for weak minds I decided to do what I could to avoid conflict and judging. I'm far from a devil worshiper since I don't believe in the devil either but I found way more things in my home than I thought I would that could be used to start speaking one of those inevitable sentences Christians say to lure others in to their persuasion seminars, "Come to church with us this Sunday". I swear I've heard that more than Bush saying something stupid. I found myself hiding just about every DVD and video game we own. Almost every one we own could give a hardcore Christian high blood pressure just thinking about it. I'm not even talking about really bad movies or games either...Grandma's Boy? The Psychomentary? Gears of War? Soul Caliber? etc. It's sad because even the images on the cases could cause uproar of being told "We'll pray for you." "God" forbid any slight twinge of entertainment and enjoyment of life. It wasn't just that, I had to hide my books. Books are usually something I could display proudly but if it wasn't the Bible I guess it's useless and only pulling me farther and farther down to the "devil". If that's what "he"'s all about, free thinking minds and things that make me happy, then let me go! The worst thing of all I found at the last minute and put in a closed room was a statue of a wizard. To normal people this isn't a sign that I'm going to hell or even something to look down on a person for having, but any sort of "magic" in this world for Christians should be destroyed and never even thought about in their feeble minds. I wonder why. I wonder why Evolution isn't allowed to be taught in schools. I understand not saying Evolution is what we should believe since it conflicts with the all powerful U.S. Constitution but not teaching about it at all is impeding the free thinking of young minds of this and every generation since this law was in place. Thank goodness for the internet where research can be done to find the FACTS not just mere BELIEFS as well as others that believe the same that exercise their rights as I do for free speech and the ability to believe in whatever I decide. If anyone reads this I want you to realize I'm not bashing people with religion as I don't care at all what beliefs someone has. I feel everyone has the right to believe in what they want, not just me. I'm just really tired of feeling like I have to watch my tongue and what I have around me to not have to battle about beliefs. It could be way worse than a wizard statue or violent video game, believe me. I guess what it boils down to is respect. The only saving grace in crossing the belief lines is respect. I will not speak of my ideas to anyone that doesn't already believe the same as me unless they are willing to listen. All I ask is Christians to have the same respect. If I don't ask you your opinion you can refrain from telling me and if I wanted for some reason to go to church, I would. It's not going to happen, but you get my point. If another person tries to shove Christianity down my throat I'm going to get more non-Christian than I ever have been. All it does is push people away. Also, just do the world a favor, look up the facts and don't just block out anything that doesn't somewhat justify what you believe. It's called having an open mind. Try it and I think this world would be a lot better place to be. :) Thank you and please, by all means, reply and let me know what you think. My work here is done.....for now. >:) (That's the devil by the way. Evil horns and a smile.) ha

Uploaded 05/10/2008
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