june 24th 1993

this was the summer that i will never  forget. I was 16 years old,and had my first job, and my first girl friend. but this is not what my story is about. on june 24th of 1993 i smoked marijauna for the first time.


we were in my friend peter's basement listening to nirvana. we had been anticipating this moment since the beginning of summer. it didnt matter that it was the shittiest weed i've ever smoked. it was weed and we were in awe. i had stolen the rolling papers from my older sister, it took us forever to get a smokeable joint ready. i took the first drag.


i held it.


i held it.


and then i coughed like i'd never coughed before, if i remember correctly, my gag reflex was set off and i puked. no matter. we smoked all of it, and spent 2 hours laughing our asses off watching nick at nite.


we practically emptied peter's pantry. we had never experienced the munchies before.


looking back, that was the best night of my life.




3 years later when my younger brother was 15 and i was 18 i introduced him to my pride and joy, my turqoise water bong. it was fun explaining to my mother why my brothers eyes were completely bloodshot. too much nintendo 64 we said. she believed us.


im snugglymuffins and there really is no point.

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