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My understanding about "blog war" is two people come out in front of everyone and air it out. Is this not the concept?  Here is the problem as I see it, if you are the challenger then you have the edge. You could easily study on the topic before you challenge the other person. I guess this is OK but maybe there is another way, what if two people agree to meet in the "blog of death" and have someone else choose the topic, sort of a Improvisation blog war. Now I know what you are thinking but most of the time if a person is challenged there was something that instigated it. The other thing I have noticed is the people that I would think of challenging are the ones that think they know it all anyway so they would need no time ar all to study the topic. I also think this would be a way to add some fun to the blog war. I guess that someone could just write their blog and then challenge the person to come out and that way they could see the topic before hand. If I have misunderstood the whole "blog war" thing then as Gilda Radner used to say "never mind".


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/18/2008
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