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I have watched on TV and have came on ebaums to see and hear all the reasons to not believe in God. I am one of the few people out here who does believe in God and have seen his work in many a situation, and my proof? It is in my heart and my ability to smell a fake but it shouldn't matter about the whole "we need proof of his/her existence" because God lives in our hearts and if you pay attention you can and do see it but there is no sign and that you will never see. I read as much of Dominus's little expose's and God bless him the man loves to talk. lol I will not even try to compete with him in the skill of writing because as Clint likes to say "you have to know your limitations" and Dominus is a much better writer than me or many people on here. It is all so easy to NOT believe and it is easier to blame God for all the bad things that happen out here but once again it is MAN that does these things not God.


I am not surprised to find so many people out there not believing in God because every time you turn the TV on or pick up some newspaper you see some idiot "in the name of God" who is preaching hatred. Let me save you some time here, these people are NOT doing God's work because he is about quite simply LOVE and it is such a simple thing to love your neighbor. Look I know people will anger you but it doesnt mean you hate them it means you are angry and there is a difference. We have many religions and the ones that are out there trying to do the work of God and I dont care who they think God is or isn't the theme in all of these is and should be  "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" and is that such a bad thing? Look Dominus I am not trying to debate you about this because I can surely see you have your ducks in a row and I am out manned on this topic as far as History goes because as I have said, there is something wrong with "RELIGION" and it is "MAN".


What I want myself is to celebrate the birth of my saviour without somebody making a mockery out of it because I would NEVER do that. I wish ALL of you peace and happiness during this Christmas season and I just cannot see anything wrong with that.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 12/22/2008
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