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I like many of you have been watching the health care comedy show and wouldn't it be great to just watch ALL of them come down with a real bad case of lockjaw? Oh God that would be great, Wallboy, the problem is all the misinformation that is flowing like wine at an after prom hotel room. I think we need to fix this health care and fix it soon but Dem's wont listen to the republican plan and the republicans wont listen to the Dem's plan and once again here we stand ALL of us getting screwed and we are supposed to just roll over and let them shove any old plan down our throats? I am probably one of the few people on here who really does see both sides for what they are, I spent about an hour today in a heated debate with my two brothers who are DIE HARD republicans. I lean to the Republicans side but ONLY because the Democrats have nobody checking their crap and like Mr. Wallboy keeps reminding us nobody can do any thing about it because the Dem's control both. I get where Wallboy is coming from and the reasons people are so mad because of Bush, but at what cost do we allow our anger to control our common sense? I find no comfort in the fact the Dem's control everything any more than I did when the repubs controlled everything, are we to just go blindly forward and let our anger take us down yet another road we have no idea about?

I would love to see Mr. Obama sit down with the bill he wants and go on TV and go over EVERY part of the bill at one time instead of talking about it over several small meetings where he can be held accountable he cant say well you spliced it together from several meetings. I know many of you will say he cant do that, but HE CAN but he WON'T because he sees the same thing that any average American sees and that is we are unprotected and left to to discretion of interpretation by whom you ask.....well lawyers and we know how much we can trust them.

There are two things in this world that people will never be happy about and that is gas prices and their health care and its for this reason I dont think Obama will or want to push this health care through on the shoulders of the Dem's alone. If Mr. Obama doesn't learn to reach across the aisle he will be looking for another job in 4 years instead of 8. Everytime an American gets his bill in the mail for health care they will remember who put it through.

For any of you who took the time to read this then stand with me and tell anyone who is party loyal instead of American loyal to just kiss our ass because we are tired of the "you are with us or against us SHIT!!!!" You will be able to recognize these PARTY loyal idiots, they will be the ones who will not listen to the other side.

Thanks for reading Bohank (man in the middle) common sense party.

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