just another moment

It has been a couple days since I wrote anything and in those two days things that have pissed me off have happened. So, prepare to enjoy a moment from Godliberator Why is it, that wen people drive and the sky decides to let loose a bit of rain, people go from decent drivers to retards in the hundred meter dash in the olypics. (I mean that is the nicest sence) They drive like the roads arent slick and that it is just fine to go ninety down the freeway. I sometimes see one of them up the road in their new mangled wreck because they decided to use one of their brighter moments. (serious nominations for the darwin awards need to be given here folks) I laugh my ass off at them every single time. Sure I may be an insensitive prick but hey it is one less irresponsible retard on the road. I hate how self centered people can sometimes be.(hold onto your butts godlib is about to get political(and slightly racist(but I mean it in a good way))) In the city I live a large share of the population is black. A lot of them are actually decent human beings. The rest act like animals, they act like the world owes them something, they act like everything should be given to them. They are the most ignorant wastes of space on this earth. Especially since we got a president that is black. I have serious issues with this presidency so far and its starting to look like america will be made a fool of. I cant wait to see the riots that will ensue once they ffind out their savior will not be providing for them...just like every other president before him. The thing about this country is was built with hard work, it was built with blood and sweat. This country rose from under a tyrany, survived through turmoils, and beaten back opposition. This country is the strongest country in the world and we did not get there by being nice. This presidency will be just like the ones before it. Yea he is making some moves that is stirring up a lot of questions and some are wondering if he really knows what he is doing. (my guess is no) I see this whole thing like one ticking timebomb just waiting to explode. All it needs is that one catalyst and Boom! Anarchy, Riots, Martial Law. The War Room secretaries said it themselves, if things keep going the way they are going, America will tear itself appart. Economic depression that will continously get worse with every socialist act our president attepmts to pass. Taking away constitutional rights set in place by our nations founding fathers. A storm is coming and its not going to be pretty. Feel free to stand by his words, I will stick to standing by with my hollow points. This has been another moment from Godliberator PS- I am going to be away for a week, so you will not hear a peep from me after today until next monday probably. I know the trolls that have recently wandered in here will be happy. Keep things on lock while I am away.
Uploaded 04/14/2009
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