Just for the young or if you still live in the basement...

GET OUT!!! Just kidding guys but I do want to say that mom and dad have a hard life and every now and then do something for them. Don't buy them something but do something. Let them win the argument every once in a while even though we all are aware of your superior knowledge about EVERYTHING. Besides the bills and the war and now wall street they have to wonder when you are leaving. Some days they just want to come home and remember why they did it all anyway without the aggravation. They know how smart you are and thank God, Allah, Buddha, or whoever for it daily. When you get mad and say I cant wait to get out of here, well they cant wait either but they will wait until your ready. So do something for them SHUT UP!


Now I know what I have written is not about ALL parents but I bet most of them. I also used sarcasm although I am sure I dont have to tell YOU that.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/24/2008
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