Just in case...

... these douchebag mods get click happy and delete another one of his blogs. I suggest everyone does the same until all of ebaumsworld knows whats going on


This is the post that the head tech for the site left:

I'm not sure how to say this other than just blurt it out. Our parent company, Zvue, has decided that they do not need our office anymore and have laid off and shut down the entire Rochester, NY office. We no longer have access to the ebaumsworld servers. We do have some moderation privs, but that's it. I personally had already accepted a new job and was in the middle of my notice when this happened. But I think I speak for most of the people in our office when I say hang tight and keep things going, business as usual. Without going into much detail (and hopefully not speaking out of turn), there are plans in place to create a new site. One that will follow the values and beliefs that made ebaumsworld.......ebaumsworld. I don't think that zvue shares those ideals or values, and this will show as this site starts to suck more and more. When the time is right, I hope that all of you, the regulars that have made this place, will follow eric and his group of workers over to the new site.I feel fortunate. I have a new job to go to on Monday. There are a bunch of folks who don't. Hopefully, we can re-create the ebaumsworld magic on another site.Thank you all for you dedication and loyalty to us and this site. You guys rock. I'll be around if anyone has questions or whatever.


Man, fuck you shitty mods

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