Just Sue Them..

This blog is inspired by PhuckEbaums blog about not personaly attacking him because i know he was kidding..but it just made me think of this


i hate how fucking sue happy america is. every 2 seconds you hear about some dumbass sueing a company because they didnt write on the lable the dumbest things that the people buying them should already know..

now i unerstand if its a legit case like if a doctor fucks something up durring a surgery or w/e but seriously..cut the bullshit

i heard a while back about this company was going to try to develope some kind of technology for cars so that somehow if something was infront of your car like a person or something it would automaticly stop the car but not so fast that the driver was in at least if you were still gunna crash it would be at a slower speed (dont ask me about the details or write comments like "well how about this ... that would work blah blah" because i really dont remember all the details it was like 3 years ago) but they never went through with it because they thought that it would only take one time for it to malfunction and the lawsuit wouldnt be worth it

just things like that piss me off just cuz that could save a lot of lives and make the world a better place..

so yea..just thought id share

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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