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What is this...everything around us... its awe-inspiring. It's all so unnatural to see cars, and buildings, and DVDs and Pens and remote controls... I'm not looking at this negatively, it is just so unbelievable at what we can create, and most of it is useless. I mean you can put it into perspective, people CAN live without computers, they CAN live without cars, the CAN live without stupid, immature entertainment (yes i see the irony in that sentance.) But when did surviving go from killing something with your hands and using it for as many things as you can find, to getting a job, an education, a mortgage, and money? I don't know, nor can any of us do anything about it, but you do have to take into perspective how easy you're life is now, compared to hundreds of years ago, I dont think we're heading in the right direcion. Now the world is basically falling apart, with the economic fuckery (which is entirely our fault) global climate change (Which is entirley our fault), and this global cold war that will never end until America decides to kill us all...It will happen, this is not a guess, no one can attack America, and if anyone tries to, then they will eliminate all the competition (basically anything that ends in -man). Compare America as an ausive husband, theres nothing you can do but let them fuck you and abuse you because if you resist, they WILL KILL YOU. The only thing to do now is sit back and let us get fucked.

Uploaded 01/13/2009
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Tags: bored talk