Just to clarify

Since Im getting spammed with messages about this shit I figured I might as well chime in about this, so that you guys dont get any unneccesary anal prolapses about this.


First of all, no, I am not this new ebaumblogger asshole.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I write so much better than that asshat.  I mean, what the hell... wall of text much?  My eyes bled to death when I tried to read that shit.  I couldnt even make it through the whole blog... if you can even call that a blog.  Dont you fuckers know art when you see it?  If you dont, here's a little guide to help you... 


Blogs written by me:  Masterpieces

Blogs written by anyone else:  Pieces of poop... that need to be stuck back up their writer's asses.


Now... with that out of the way.  On to the next topic at hand.  Much as I'd like to take credit for the epic ass-handing that you guys got with the thumbs downs (and believe me... the sight of all those red numbers litterally made me cum in my jeans nonstop for about 45 minutes straight), Im afraid I'm not the genious who spear-headed that movement.  It would appear this person likes me though, since my stuff was untouched.  Maybe THIS person knows art when he sees it.  Or maybe its more than one person.   Would be nice to have my own little... Poop Crusade here.


Wow, I think Im inspired now.  Oh, you guys are in some deep shit now... once the poop crusade is started. I'll have to look into that.


As a final note, since its customary to use my blogs as an opportunity to piss you people off, however possible...  yes, my penis is big, and I have sex with lots of hot girls.  So go ahead and leave your nasty comments about it, now that Ive given you reason to.  All it does is make me feel better knowing youre jealous...

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