Just to clear some things up...

This is just to clear up misconceptions about me.  People keep calling me a stupid lib and such... this is where I stand:::


My stances on various issues (state, local and national):

Abortion:  I am "pro-choice" as they say.

Death Penalty: I am for the death penalty in repeat cases of violent crime only in the case of irrefutable evidence.  Espionage/treason should not be punishable by death.

Death tax/Estate tax: remove this tax, but raise taxes in general 1 or 2 percent.

Tax rates:  flat tax rate… period.  If everyone is equal... then everyone should be taxed equally

Warrantless Wiretapping: wrong... period.

Gay Marriage: this is not a political issue.  Civil Unions are a state issue, but all states should allow them.  Marriages are a religious issue and it is up to religions to approve them.

Drilling offshore:  should be allowed, it is a resource that we need.  That being said, it will not fix or even alleviate the issue.  It will not drop the prices of gas.  We also need to search for alternative resources.  This should be a private venture though.

Social Security:  should be privatized, the turnout will be larger and the plan will stimulate economic growth.  (Progressive indexing should be implemented)

Welfare: get rid of it.  It gives money to freeloaders.

Guns:  allow all (up to semi-auto) rifles and shotguns.  Handguns and automatic weapons should be highly regulated.

Drinking age should be 18 years old.

Gambling age: 18 and legal in all states anywhere.

All "Illegal Drugs" should be legalized except for opium (and derivatives), cocaine (and derivatives) and club drugs (such as meth and ecstasy).  Legal age should be 18 for use.

Removal of tax on cigarettes and alcohol (raise general tax one half to one percent to compensate)

If you can gamble your life in the armed forces at 18, then you can take a drink, gamble your money and gamble your life with drugs at 18.

That being said...

Driving age: 18

Health care: a tax for healthcare that makes a government insurance pool.  Healthcare itself should not be socialized.

War in Iraq was founded on fear and a lack of credible intelligence and should never have happened.

The war in Afghanistan was justified and is in favor of American interest.

We should work on relations with Arab nations and focus less on being so friendly with Israel.

I don't look like so much of a lib now eh?  Not much of a conservative either.

I'm anti bullshit.

(I may revise this or add stuff later)


"Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today." ---Ralph Waldo Emerson


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