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I seriously have nothing to write about. Or perhaps I should say nothing worth writing about. That shouldn't stop me however, judging by some of my past blogs. I'm listening to System of a Down right now looking for inspiration, something about disorder  and sacred silence.  I'm guessing this is some kind of heavy metal, but they are definitely a talented bunch, pretty impressive actually.

Sorry, I took some time to go to the other tab to watch the video. These guys are awesome.
What the fuck? I hear something different coming in now. Limp Bizkit? Anyone know these guys, a little rap, a little metal but sounds pretty good, something about my way or the highway.

Just took a one eighty, with Rage Against The Machine, too much "fuck it", great energy though. Drummer lacks finesse. The yeller dude is screaming turn it off, I agree please do. Didn't like that song.

Here comes Korn, Did My Time, with some lovely lass seducing me. OMG, these guys need some serious comb action and perhaps a generous treatment of DDT.

Whoa! Here comes Rage Against The Machine again,Born Of A Broken Man. What's with the hair do's? They are either bald or nit infested. This song was better than the last.

Ah! More Limp Bizkit. They all grabbing their crotches! White guys acting like black people. They saying the usual about bitches, bros and hoes. That sucked!

Right ON!!!! Metallica just came on board! Nothing Else Matters. Over played, great tune but I gotta skip it!

Faith No More - Midlife Crisis, I'm not feeling it, but the tied and quartered was exciting.
RATM- Killing in the Name. Not bad, not bad at all! Now getting a bit too heavy with the fuck you shit, but not bad.

Well The way I see it if you have nothing to write about, then write about nothing. Before I snore just one more thing I found amusing.  Christopher Hitchens'  book review for Hitch 22 includes a quote from Gore Vidal. In it Gore Vidal writes, "I have been asked if I wish to nominate a successor, an inheritor, a dauphin or delfino. I have decided to name Christopher Hitchens." Across that recommendation Christopher Hitchens crosses a big X and writes, "no CH". When I saw that I  had to buy the book. Good Night!
Uploaded 12/06/2010
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