Katie Brewer Syndrome

In the fall of 2007, Revolver Labs received information about a possible test subject that we could acquire for research purposes. Her name was Katie Brewer. She was extremely unaware of her surroundings, and was a burden to all those that she encountered.


After numerous tests we have determined that Katie Brewer has Katie Brewer Syndrome. The study is still ongoing.

Katie Brewer Syndrome occurs when a person believes they are correct when they are not. You could confuse this with an ignorant person, but someone suffering from Katie Brewer Syndrome deals with politics and social issues.

Below is actual dialogue that we are submitting to the general public.

Interview 1

Katie Brewer: The government has enough money where we don't have to have toll roads, I mean come on that is just ridiculous. As American citizens, we should be able to drive anywhere without being taxed for it.

Revolver Labs Scientist: Have you ever been on a toll road?

KB: No I haven't.

RLS: I have, I take the toll road every day to work. It's great. There is no one on the roads, and no cops. I can go 80...85 no problem.

KB: Well the government can still give us the right that we were born with, the right to travel without being taxed.

Interview 2 

Revolver Labs Scientist: Who are you voting for in the upcoming election?

Katie Brewer: Stupid question, Ron Paul. He is the only one that has his act together. He is under he Republican Ticket, but he is more of an independent. The only way to get the dollar back to high standings is to get back on the silver standard, that's what Ron Paul wants to do.

RLS: I'm a scientist, not an economist, but it is my understanding that the Federal Reserve controls the interest rate and currency.

KB: You are so naïve. I stay up till all hours of the night watching videos on YouTube. Did you know that there is a secret organization that is trying to globalize all the nations of the world.

RLS: Like in The Fifth Element ? How the world had one president?

KB: You need to go to Youtube and do some research Mr. Fancy Scientist with your PHD. You are so clueless.

RLS: About what exactly?

KB: Listen, once you guys let me out of here, and I go back to doing my radio show, you have to listen. I am a conservative, and want this country to go back to the way it was.

RLS: The way it was? What era are you talking about, what time period from our nations history?

KB: Ummmm…

RLS: You said you were a conservative. Now I am not up on politics, but doesn't conservative's beliefs support business?

KB: Yes, what is your point, where are you going with this?

RLS: Private companies own Texas Toll Ways. So by removing toll ways from the system, like you want, you would be destroying a company.

KB: We are done with this topic

Interview 3

Katie Brewer: I have a friend that wants to assassinate President Bush

Revolver Labs Scientist: Are you sure you want to be telling me this?

KB: What are you going to report me? Or her? You do not even know her name.

RLS: No but I could the information if I wanted.

KB: Sure. Whatever, back to shock therapy I guess.

RLS: Yes, now back to your friend.

KB: Yeah, she wants to kill the President. I told her to go for it. She's young, but I think she can do the job.

RLS: Aren't you conservative?

KB: Yes.

RLS: And isn't George Bush conservative?

KB: Yes.

RLS: So your friend would be killing the leader of the conservative movement in America.

KB: No, she would be saving this country. The whole reason we invaded Iraq was because we could not find any oil in Afghanistan.

RLS: That is complete bullshit. I would like to see you or your friend try to be in a political office.

Katie Brewer was eventually released. The team of Scientists that studied her erratic behavior had a tough time in coming up with a name in which to call the syndrome that her and millions of Americans suffered from. In the end they decided the name should start at ground zero. Hence the Katie Brewer Syndrome came into the public eye

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