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Here you go, HunterDad. Your timing is flawless. You happen to have made your request while I'm stuck here at AP Hill suffering from chronic boredom between training exercises. And so, for having nothing better to do, I'll write you your table of contents. I might get around to a suggestion blog as well, but to be honest, I've never really had any favorite blogs so much as favorite users... perhaps I'll write a suggestion blog that simply links you to these users' submission pages. Actually, to be honest, Maiorano is the only one. So there you go, that's my suggestion... go to maiorano84's submission page and have a look. He's awesome. Back to the contents.


First and foremost of course, I'm practically required to provide the link to my very first blog, which was featured by the mods and is responsible for much of my fame and near-legendary status on these blog pages. It's about the hypocrisy of claiming to support the troops on one hand while simultaneously condemning our mission and calling for our withdrawal on the other.

Support the Troops:


Here is another I wrote, discussing the disadvantages of religious faith when applied to very, very stupid people.

What happens when Faith meets Stupidity?:


Here are a pair of blogs I wrote in response to some other blogs that were basically bashed the military, which has become something of my calling card here in the blogs... you blog about the military, you can expect to hear from me. This is evidenced by some of my military peers here in the blogs section openly calling for my input when such blogs appear, such as Danzig (a tank operator) who recently answered a military blog with "Man, I wish Kaustic was here". The blogs I'm answering are named in my titles, you can search for them if you want to read them.

 Reply to 'A Bit of a Controversial Blog':

Reply to 'Military Arrogance':


Here's one I wrote describing something me and my friends put our heads together and came up with as the ultimate punishment for heinous crimes like rape.

The Machine:


Here's another blog I wrote hammering down one of the points I had previously made in Reply to 'Military Arrogance'.

Protecting Your Freedom:


Here's one I wrote blasting pretty much anyone who ever utters the words "government conspiracy" as more than just a bad joke.

It's a conspiracy!!:


Here's one I wrote to e-destroy some stupid shit who had the audacity to call John McCain a traitor because he gave in - marginally - to torture he endured during his time as a POW. The poor bastard never answered me, which in retrospect was probably a very wise decision.

mg762x39, R.I.P.:


Here are two more I wrote just to shine a great big spotlight on some woefully inept little girl who flung a magic word at me that is, in fact, a bit of a pet peeve of mine. And yes, I've done this to pretty much everyone who used this word on me:

Enlighten us, CarGirl:



Here's me waxing philosophical about the origins of the universe.

The Universe:


Here's me waxing philosophical about my own life and upbringing.

Self Reflection:


Here's one about how being too soft on our children is weakening society.

Back to the Belt!!:


Here's one eating up a news report that Al Qaeda released a message claiming that by electing Obama, America was admitting defeat.

 Admitting Defeat:


Here's one that pre-empts the most common anti-war statements people try to throw at me regarding Iraq, and that I have thus had the most practice dismantling.

Clarity for Dummies:


Here's one going into greater detail about the true difference between the Army and the Marine Corps. It starts out as trash-talking, but about halfway through it turns to the no-shit difference between us, the way we're formed and the way we operate.

The Difference, Pt. 2:


Here's a tribute to a unit in Afghanistan that recently did what the Marine Corps has become famous for doing throughout history - stomping the living shit out of a much larger and better equipped enemy force.

The Occasional Reminder:


And finally, here's one I wrote about something everyone can relate to - stupid drivers.

Driving Q and A:


These aren't ALL the blogs I've written, mind you... if you like these then go ahead and check my submissions page for others. These are just some of my better ones.


I am Kaustic, and I'm bored enough to jump on the Table of Contents meme just like I did with the "I am" signature meme.

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