Kid Racks Up 1,400 Debt in FarmVille

Oh dear looks like its time to add FarmVille to the list of internet addiction scares after a 12-year-old UK boy amassed £905 in FarmVille debt. About £288 of that came from the boys own savings, while £625 was billed to his horrified mothers credit card.

The debt equivalent to about $1,400 USD was racked up in all of about two weeks worth of gameplay. In the popular casual Facebook game, players can spend real money to accrue virtual currency and items. Its a business thats booming enough to garner the games developer, Zynga, an estimated valuation as high as $5 billion.

Neither Zynga nor the mothers credit card company HSBC responded positively to requests for refunds; the latter indicated only a criminal proceeding could trigger eligibility for getting the funds reinstated. A spokeswoman for HSBC indicated that had the expenditures been on a gambling site the escalating transactions would have raised warning flags, but since the purchases were technically Facebook Credits, they didnt warrant suspicion.

What do you think: Is FarmVille destined to replace World of Warcraft as the favorite scapegoat for cable news gaming addiction scare segments?


We all saw the SouthPark episode, but still...why the fuck are you gonna pay money for stupid shit like this.

Uploaded 04/13/2010
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