kid shot in the head

I've posted about my neighborhood kids before.

Most of the worst have moved away.

The one that will end up growing up to be a thug... I've tried to stay on good terms with.

I've worked on his minibike, and given him tools so he can work on it himself
when I'm not around.

Last week he came over for help, and I noticed a lump on his forehead.

I assumed it was an infected zit or something.

No big deal.

He mentioned he traded an iPod for a paintball gun.

Again, I'm on good terms with him so MY house doesn't get custom polka dots overnight.

And I'm sure the iPod was stolen to begin with.


Today he came over. I asked if he had gotten into trouble with the paintball gun yet.

He said the police chased him and his friends in their car,
and another car. But they all got away.

He said they were shooting their paintball gun at this other car,
who was shooting at them with a BB-gun.

He claimed every window was shot out of the car he was riding in, but he ducked.

When he poked his head up, he got shot in the forehead.

I said "yeah, right. Will a magnet stick to it?"

He said no. So I called bullshit.

He insisted, so I got a magnet from a computer hard drive.

Sure as shit, it stuck hard and fast.

I about fell off my deck laughing.

He wanted to know if the Walk-In clinic would remove it.

"not without asking a bunch of questions that you don't want to answer.
They'll probably call the police and report a shooting.
You'd be better off keeping it where it is."

I gave him the magnet and told him if he kept it stuck to the BB,
it would eventually pull the BB through the skin.

When he left, he was wearing the magnet.

heres a picture


Uploaded 09/02/2008
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