Often while waiting for my kids to get out of school I watch this girl walk down the street. I watch her day by day. I've seen where she lives. I would drive by her house on the way home. There were usually no cars in the driveway.  After dropping the kids off I said I had to run out and grab a few things. I went past her house a few times I noticed her parents or whoever would come home mid evening.    

 So finally I went out to pick up a few things. Only this time on my bike and I leave it a few blocks away. I walk up to her house and knock. She bounces up to the door in her cheek high "pink shorts" And a top that greatly complimented her new breasts. She opens the screen door and I punch her in the nose and drag her in the house.  

She starts screaming so I bash her head with the dvd player a few times. There are tears in wrinkles in her pretty face. She fights back a little but I easily over power her. I punch her pounding her face into the ground a few times until her screams are now a mummled snore. I have knocked her out and she is snoring. I roll her over the coffee table some clutter is left on. I pull her head back and squeeze her breasts as hard as I can. Making fists into her breasts as I anally rape her.  I go back and forth from her pussy to her asshole violently as she grunts and moans and snores. Finally she starts to recover and I cum. She is choking now. I grab the hair if her head standing over her and bash her face into the coffee table many times with all of my might until I am exhausted.

 She is making a quieter snore now. Her movement only comes in small jerks and spasms. I put her body on the coffee table with her on her back. I look at her body as it quivers and fights for life in faint subtle spasms. Her bruised breasts quiver as she gasps between breaths. Her face pointing towards me with blood covering and running down the table dripping from her arm that hangs to the floor.  
I exit her home and go to my bike. I go to the corner store in our subdivision. I purchase a bottle bottle wine to accent a wonderful evening. 
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