By the time you finish this sentence you will have wasted your time.   This is what every and any blog is, the fluff that occupies the cavity in my head put to letters.   The other day I was walking around outside and it finally struck me that if everybody tried internalizing thoughts that have no business outside of their heads there could be time for the fluff to condense into an insight or a revelation.   I understand the hypocrisy in writing a blog telling others to try privatizing their thoughts, but I don't care, because I wrote this out of boredom and I'm demonstrating a valid point.   However you feel about what I've said, your very likely going to back-track from this shit, if you've read this far that is, and continue spaztically clicking things to find something entertaining enough to look at for more than fourty-five seconds; or, of course, watch porn until five a.m. 

   The constantly shortening attention span and drastically stretched threshhold for wonder our species has recently become afflicted with is not to be blamed on the technology we use or the way we entertain ourselves, it comes right down to the fact that nobody steps back and allows themselves privacy anymore, that moment of reflection that gives an event the emotional depth to hold in our memories as something that really happened.   The need to share things is natural and important, but when you go and seek things out so that you may use that experience to relate to others, however you do that, then your not really experiencing shit, just cramming for the quiz, so to speak.   Don't think I'm excluding myself from this one, we all become groupies at some point, if only for a minute, but if I'm the first person to try this mantra then that means I may have started something big: repeat after me...

                        FUCK     EVERYONE,    INCLUDING    YOURSELF!!!!                                                                 

   I remember a time when men with cellphones were known as pussies, and gossip was something old ladies did at Tuesday night cribbage games.   Lets all shut up and remember how to be impressive.

   Sincerely, chunk0luv.   :) 

Uploaded 03/25/2012
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