Kitties ftw

Cats are the shit!  People say that cat's aren't affectionate or interactive.  They say they just use you for food and want nothing else to do with you.  Well I beg to differ.


I have 3 pretty kitties.

Rooney is my little cutey boy, and he's an orange tabby.  He plays fetch, wakes me up every morning, and has the cutest little meow.  He's the youngest of my 3 cats, but he's by far the biggest.  He's always talking, and will bring you toys if he's bored.  He's known for his loud purring, and being a little asshole.  He also likes to hang out under the blankets and anything he can make into a fort.  He likes to sleep on his back like a tard sometimes (I uploaded a pic a long time ago).   He likes to play with the other cats by dragging a string around trying to get the other cats to come after it.

Lulu is my bf's cat from another relationship.  She's the wise, lazy, and fluffy Himilian mix. She has a thing about chewing plastic that's crinkley, and will go ape shit for a string.  When shes confused, excited, or pissed off she'll strut around the house with her lip all fucked up.  You'll look at her and be like "Hey Lu! Fix your lip!" and she usually will.  Lu lu is the only one of our cats that doesn't really meow much.   This cat also has a bunch of rituals.  She'll forcefully try and give you kisses like a dog, and she taps you on the shoulder if she wants to come sit on you.

Kaida is my kitty from a past relationship.  She likes to head butt my nose, climb shit, and get the other cats to chase her.  She's the smallest at just 5lbs.  She's a gray tabby. When she's on your lap she'll stand up and give you a hug and a head butt.  She really likes watching me play video games on the computer, and will often try and grab the little characters on the screen.  When we first got Rooney,  Kaida tried to mother him, until he started attacking her.    She's also a little princess.  She hates to eat with the other cats, and is pretty picky to what she eats.  When i give the cats treats i need to give hers to her first, otherwise she won't eat them.


Since I work from home, I need a little entertainment and company during the day when my bf's off at work.  My cats definitely fill in that blank.  Rooney wakes me up every morning, stepping all over me, and meowing his little face off.  Sometimes he'll bring in a paper ball and burry it in the blankets for me to find later.  Eventually when I get up, I'm greeted by all the cats.  They come say hi and wait for the treats to be handed out.  Sooner or later I find at least one of them on my lap sleeping as I work on the computer. 


I would much rather have cats than dogs that bark at everything that moves, and requires walks all the time.  They also leave land mines in your yard, that you have to duty to pick up.  With cats, they shit and piss in a designated area, that is easy to clean if you have clumping litter.  Their vet visits are cheaper than dogs, and so is the up keep.  You don't have to buy toys for cats, they'll play with anything.  Dogs, you need to buy them toys that they can play with otherwise they'll chew your furniture and shoes.   Dog's you can't leave alone.  If you leave them alone for too long, they get bored and get into shit they know they aren't supposed to... just for the attention.


Cats are a girls best friend.  Dog's are cool too... but cats are the shit.


Uploaded 12/17/2009
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