Kitty Cat Ranch.

 I have a dream to build the most amazing cat ranch ever. It will be totally self sustaining, organic, environmentally friendly , humane and provide jobs for the people back in my community and elsewhere.

Self Sustaining

 If I raise cats, dogs, milk and beef cattle along with a vegetable garden I could probably make a go of it. Where our other farm was there was a natural gas spring that we got to use when my parents bought the farm. Unfortunately, we were ordered to cap it by the Provincial government. So after investing in natural gas vehicles and machinery along with our power being provided by a natural gas generator we had to convert to gasoline and diesel. Something to do with the governments clean air program? Maybe I'm just not up to date with pollution, but the new fuel smelled worse then our natural gas systems. Anyways, the added cost was almost too much to manage, but with a small cat ranch my mother made, it really helped.
 Since I'm an Indian I can live on the reserve near by and I know they were allowed to use the Natural gas wells. There are also government grants that help to build businesses in economically depressed areas, so that would be good too. I could also employ the local Indians and I know they need jobs, cause I've  seen them sitting around all day drinking beer with nothing to do.
 So this is how it would work. I figure I would start with about 1 thousand cats, 100 dogs, six cows and about two acres of vegetables. I could cull about 100 cats and 10 dogs a month. The fur would be sold to businesses that use animal furs for parkas, hats, mittens etc. The meat could be consumed by me and the people who work on the farm. Also the local community could buy the best cuts of meat. The unwanted portions could be dried and used to feed the other animals. So the dry roasted parts of cats would be given to the dogs and vise versa for the dog parts. The bones could then be ground up into bone meal for the garden.
 To  supplement our diets we could drink the milk and eat fresh vegetables. The money from selling the furs would offset our operational costs. Since we Indians pay no taxes on reserves, I think it might work.


  I found out today from Tyaeda that the fur currently being used for parkas, hats and mittens is derived from live animals in China. I did some research after she told me and it is horrific and totally inhumane. Since fuel in the colder climates is scarce or valuable the Chinese prefer to skin their animals alive, rather then humanely kill them and then use boiling water. I guess they don't have a lot of trees to burn so boiling a big kettle of water is out of the question.
 This being said, I could sell my furs as humanely harvested. This would give me a competitive edge. Maybe an animal rights group will help me? My cat ranch would be a no cage, free range ranch for my cats. In this way they would be able to do what cats love to do. Climb trees, hunt and play. I would also take in cats that others can't take care of anymore instead of them going to live in cages at the Humane Society. There would also be an adoption process for all my cats, if someone wanted them as pets. The same process would be available for the dogs but with a limited capacity.

 All animals are organic, but they would need to be spayed and neutered to control the population with certain breeds being cultivated for the more desirable furs and meat products. Of course, they would all be dewormed and get the required shots as determined by the vet. The animals diet would also be supplemented with organic rice sourced from Green friendly farms.

Environmentally Friendly

This is rather self evident in the plan I have already laid out. Did you know pound for pound cat and dog meat put out less then 10 percent the CO2 that cows and pigs do? It has something to do with the huge amount of energy it takes these animals to digest food. So I might be able to score points with the environmental agencies in that regard.

Employment opportunities

If this type of business proves successful the economically depressed North could expand this industry. It would be like the cat fur and cat meat capital of the world. Our northern climate is ideal for cat ranching, making for thicker furs and more juicy meats. Untapped natural gas wells abound up there and many people are sitting around collecting welfare or their reservation money. This could be a golden opportunity to solve many problems at once. Of course, spin off business would naturally occur.


By starting a self sustained cat ranch I could become a productive member of society, help stop cruelty to animals, reduce carbon emissions, provide a happy life for cats and dogs, increase the employment rate and plant  the seeds for a growth industry. 


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