Know you, I NO_U, but Can't Hang with You.

I was a little amused by No_U trying to insult me this afternoon. He seems like a lonely girl looking for some attention, but since she is, well, kind of homely, can't get it the easy way.

Then I realized, poor fella, no one did a blog about him and Nova received three. Call me soft, but all I can see is some mustard stained, sad little face looking up to me bawling his eyes out. So being the big softy that I am, I'll just pet him on the head, sit him on my knee and give him the attention he desires.

I enjoy that you write blogs, even though it is usually the same sentence repeated over and over again. It is like watching your favorite episode of Sesame street over and over again. It keeps you occupied and happy while mommy and daddy get some real work done.

I was especially proud when you did three blogs in a row, in a sweet attempt to emulate me.

I know some of the things the big people talk about don't include you, but breaking out into a crying jag, just embarrasses your momma. 

One day, when you grow up, strong like your daddy, you will go to school, learn about the world we live in. Develop into a decent human being with something of interest to offer.

Until then momma and daddy will just have to watch their developmentally challenged little unit, be a socially, intellectually, and culturally depraved individual.

Now, up to bed, before daddy spanks you!


Uploaded 08/11/2010
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