Know Your Role, Trolls

This one goes out to all my trolls out there.

Trolls have no control
bellow fire from empty soul
Tired and sad, takes its toll
Broken apart, never whole

So trolls spread their rage,
cross the web page
spewing forth vile
youd be amazed

The things trolls do,
And shit that they say
Every hour,of every day
With the clicks of a keypad
I see racist rants
Its surprising how often
I see these deranged chants

Trolls have no power,
in the real world
So they inject venom,
and insults hurled
they make it a war,
 with their flag unfurled

Well, my trolls, let me explain
I use my knowledge,
and rack my brain
to try to enlighten,crack up, and entertain
You fuck up my flow,with your low ratings
so sad, take your tissue
are u through masturbating?

Are you through, are you through?
Its between me and you
What is it I said,what did I do?
I didnt do nothing, but trolls still hate me
bridge dwelling bastards
need to wake up and see
I have no quarrel, I have no grief
With anyone on ebaums,
so your attacks can all cease

Uploaded 03/21/2012
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