Koch Suckers

It's nice to know that I've been visited by a couple Koch suckers today.  Don't worry.  I already know about Koch hiring people to make sock accounts (fake accounts) to low rate people's blogs and media and to troll with comments to anyone who opposed them.  I also saw them white wash their Wikipedia page so people didn't know that Koch Industries was founded under Stalin.  You see, though, I'm very familiar with these tactics.  I don't lower myself to their level to retaliate as some do.  If they comment on my blog and low rate it, I'll address it on my blog.  Why should I go to theirs?

There are many out there who have become sub-human because they value money over human life.  Face it.  That's what the Tea Party is about now.  It is no longer the Tea Party that was started in the Ron Paul campaign that was concerned with liberty and human rights.  It was sold to the highest bidder and anyone who still thinks they're anything but corporate shills is either brain dead or just aren't paying attention.

It's sad that our Supreme Court has such disreputable justices on it now.  Corporations given more rights than the individual?  Corporations are not living, breathing beings.  When the Founding Fathers wrote, "We the People," they did NOT mean, "We the Corporations."  The Founders knew the difference between Boston's Sons of Liberty with the British East India Company.

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government." ~ Patrick Henry

Uploaded 05/13/2011
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