Kudos to the FBI, boo to the administration

I've been reading about the case they're working now on the terrorist cell that they disrupted, and hope that they successfully round up the remaining suspects. It's a shame that their hands are tied and they can't use many of the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT) that have proved successful in the past.

The press had their collective panties in a bunch over the issue of torture, and the moral relativism they employed was unbelievable. To equate the supposed torture that we used with the actual torture used by our adversaries is ridiculous. Our people put panties on some of the prioners' heads; their people cut prisoners' heads off. We waterboarded people; they stoned them. We kept them up without sleep; their prisoners were beaten and then didn't have to worry about sleep any more after they were killed.  How in the world can those forms of "torture" be equivalent? Now I admit, playing Mariah Carey's movie "Glitter" may have crossed the line...(a bit of humor there).

Seriously though, how are we to extract information from these animals? Calling them Mister Stinkypants probably isn't going to be enough (and is probably illegal under this administration). To my knowledge, no one has yet given a coherent answer to the Ticking Time Bomb scenario, or its equivalent. If you had custody of one of them and knew that they knew the time and place a bomb was set to go off that would kill thousands, or if they knew where your family was being held hostage and prepared to be killed, would you or would you not support EIT to get the pertinent information?  Personally, I'd be ready to hook a field telephone up to their testicles if that's what it took to get the info.

Going back on his promise of not investigating those who had been given legal permission to perform EIT under the Bush administration, Obama has sanctioned his Justice Department to do just that. One can only imagine the chilling effect that ploy will have on intelligence operatives. Anything that limits their ability to collect info ultimately plays to our detriment. Just as the intelligence community was gutted after the Church Commission, this will redound to our misfortune too.

Perhaps they can play Truth or Dare with the terrorists, if that's not on the unpermissable list, too.

Uploaded 09/23/2009
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