Kung fu is underestimated

First of all, I want to say to Joe Rogan, fuck you. Chinese kung fu is beyond human acchievement. Wing chun, and all kung fu is so insanely powerful. Japanese martial arts all took from Chinese. Also Korean too. I wont talk about American boxing, because well we own shit. Not by style, speed or beautiful flow, but by sheer strength. If you've ever wathced a kung fu movie and thought damn those flowing kicks punches etc look like art work, theres a reason why. Those people spent years studying how to kick ass. Americans, we just eat a bunch of food, get big as fuck and throw punches as hard as possible. Granted you can't beat that, but it looks like a horse kicking a fat chick. The horse being a strong legged man who has eaten well, and the fat chick being a unprepared boxer. Yo, try to beat an american boxer. MMA whatever. You can't. Hands down. But what will you enjoy watching more, and fluid kung fu fighter just swish swish pocka pow or an american boxer goin punch punch punchity punch? Yah exactly. Tell ur daughter my dicks on the mantle. The end.
Uploaded 02/08/2014
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