La week in review

Two out of three of my roommate candidates showed, and both were cool. They expressed interest in the room and appreciated the low rent, and I decided to go with Zeke. I'm not exhaling, though, until his credit check clears and the first month's check has cleared.

I went to the North Beach Festival with Dascha, Sobina, and two of their guy friends on Saturday, one of whom Dascha swore was secretly queer. We whiled away the day drinking on Washington Square, hit up a bar, did a little Italian spot for dinner, then went to another bar where Dascha, Sobina, and the other guy ponied up $100 for secretly queer boy to kiss me. Which he did. And which was nice. Then we danced in the downstairs club 'til the cows came home.

The ex-boyfriend of a good friend of mine suddenly died last week. It's a shock to say the least.

My poor 60-something grandmother is in the throes of divorce. Thirty years of marriage gone kaput. Terrible. I sent her flowers for her birthday to cheer her up.

The most trying of news is that one of the people on my team at work is resigning, just as we're about to work on the annual bonus program. It was sort of long in coming, and I'm happy for him that he's moving on to another stage in his life, but I am a little nerve-wracked. It will all be fine, I know. But in the meantime, I'd like to just clone myself, and let the other dude do all the work while I stay huddled in bed for the next few months.

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