Lack Of Interest

After spending a few minutes reading the past few blog posts (with the exception of Walboy and B.O.A.S.) I've been quite disappointed. I know the decent bloggers have all but disappeared (even "faithful-good-read" Bohank has been posting less recently) but that's no excuse to post pure rat-shit. This used to be an enjoyable section (the only one, really) on this site. Now, its nothing more than a spammer's delight.


Z V U E sucks: sure.

Ebaum sucks: yup.

Lets fucking move on already!! Just once I'd like to log on here and see something slightly insightful or interesting. I'll settle for inane gibberish, as long as it isn't followed by 500 "fuck you" copy/pastes.


If you don't like the site, don't visit. If you like the site, please stop lobbing turds onto the blogs so you can rack up some eReps. (They're more or less useless now anyway.) Why you would keep coming back if you don't like it is beyond me; all you're doing is registering more hits on the site, thus taking the new owners from a "shit-poor" status to a "slighty-less-Titanic-ess" standing.


Nobody liked what happened. But really, what the shit do you care about Bauman and his posse? Yeah, corporate take-overs suck, especially the way this one was done, but its not like you're pals with the guy. They are still rich, they have another place for you to visit. His luxury home and millions in the bank don't earn my loyalty. What kept me coming here were the blogs. Now that they are going down hill, I'm starting to wonder why I bother.


My point: please start posting relevant (or slightly amusing) blogs and steer clear of the garbage reads. Even if you type a bunch of pure-shit gibberish, at least its better than the same sentence over and ove again. (The clear and obvious spam ones.) Nobody cares anymore. This shit was a hot topic, like, two weeks ago. No one gives a shit anymore.  Move on or move out.



I couldn't be bothered to write a closing remark,

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 02/12/2009
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