Ladies, keep your yard clean.

One of my biggest pet peeves is a girl who is not probably groomed on all parts of her body. If you are a hot girl, then it is imperative that everything is shaved, or clean to the point that there is minimal hair. I have had many experiences with beautiful women where they have been amazing looking (especially Internationally), but upon further investigation they are not properly groomed, and I have actually stopped in the middle of the act. One of the many things I notice on a girl while talking to them, and figuring out whether I am going to have them is their: nails, hair, make-up, and skin, and this will many times separate girls who are hot (8s and 9s) from girls who I want to take it to the next level with that night (10s). I remember once going home with a girl who was a 10, and when I saw her naked and ungroomed, I became so disgusted that I asked her to leave my apartment, and when she said "What's wrong?" I told her, "I am not into the hair thing". She told me she hadn't been with anyone in 2 months, and wasn't planning on anything that night, so I decided to let her stay over. That next weekend when we hung out she was totally shaved.

The reason I started thinking about this is because today while at the doctor getting my blood work taken for my blood sugar and next month of Accutane, the woman taking my blood had a visible mustache. I actually felt uncomfortable having her take my blood because of this, and I contemplated mentioning to her that I wanted a new nurse. I just don't understand how in today's age, a person, regardless of socio-economic conditions, can not make sure that they are properly groomed. I kept staring at it while she was taking my blood, especially because I hate needles, and wanted to keep my mind off of the blood coming out. She was also very mean to me when I told her that "I hate needles" and she said, "I don't care sonny, you came here to get this done so be quiet".

Uploaded 10/21/2013
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